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Music Show #7 – 8/12/2016 – Protecting the environment.

Music Show #7 at
The theme of this week’s show is protecting our environment.

Song #1 “Until this Planet’s Green” – We have a duty to protect Mother Earth and to help her heal when we have damaged her delicate balance. “We can’t let her die in the hands of greed.”

Song #2 “Leda” – During my studies of the Old Master’s painting techniques I did a painting of “Leda and the Swan.” It was based off of a copy made by a student of Leonardo’s, because the original has been lost. Although some believe that Leonardo’s original was probably darker and more along the look of the Mona Lisa, I chose to use the brighter colors used by his student. This was much more like the spirit that I was in at the time. Later on I wrote this song about the painting and my relationship with Leda i.e. Gaia/Mother Earth.

Song #3 “Lake Placid” – In the 1970s the Adirondacks in New York were facing catastrophic effects from the clouds of acid rain flowing in from Ohio. Many of the trees were being killed and many lakes were becoming dead lakes with no fish within them. Much needed attention was brought to the problem and then with the efforts of the Department of Environmental Conservation the amount of acid rain falling there  was greatly reduced.

Song #4 “This Land Needs Care from You and Me” – Today there are many people who feel that the land is theirs to exploit and abuse with little regard for any environmental concerns. This song proposes that the land is really the Creator’s or the organizing energy that has created it and that we are most importantly stewards of the land.

Song #5 “Who’s Laughing Now?”– There are many  people who deny the science of climate change and the effects of human behavior. This song is a gentle reminder that perhaps we should listen more carefully to what the scientific research is telling us.

Song #6 “Sittin’ Back Up in the Woods” – A good time song about living back up in the woods with my friends.

Song #7 “The Mother Earth Destruction Blues” – One of the bounciest, foot tapping songs about Mother Earth’s destruction that you’ll ever hear.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

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Music Show #6 – 8/5/2016 – Find Your Love

Music Show #6 at Archive.Org

The theme of today’s music show is about finding our love. Perhaps, in the end we will come to realize that our efforts to gain more ephemeral things were just a distraction from what we were truly seeking… A clearer understanding of what our love is all about.

Song #1 “Find Your Love” – A peaceful love song to help us through the night when all seem lost.

Song #2 “Back to Your Heart” – When we have gone astray from the person that we want to be this is a song that harkens us all to come back to our center, “our heart.”

Song #3 “Come to Know Your Love” – A simple song that encourages us all to put more of our efforts into understanding a greater love.

Song #4 “It’s Your Love” – “It’s your love reaching out for you. It’s your love don’t miss the best of you. It’s your love striving to become. It’s your love growing towards the sun.”

Song #5 “Help Us to Know What Love Is”– A joyful song that request some help in our search to understand what love is.

Song #6 “Do You Know Where Your Love Is?” – A mellow positive song that asks this important question.

Song #7 “Our Love Will Give Us Love” –Is it possible that as we give our love we are also creating a reserve of love that we can call upon in the future?

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Music Show #5 – 7/29/2016 – Political Corruption


The focus of this music show is the political corruption that continues to consume our government. These songs are about the Super PACs and dark money, the overall greed and the distorted egos that have evolved out of this corruption. On the hopeful side there are songs about how these afflictions can be alleviated.

Song #1 “If There’s a Will, There’s a Way” – If we work together we can make things safer for both the citizens and the police. It will take a strong will to do so, but we’ve worked through harder things in our history.
Song #2 “$hady Ca$h” – A bouncy upbeat sing-a-long about the influence that dark money plays in our politics. If we don’t put up a fight to eliminate it we will lose our voice in the government.
Song #3 “Have You Heard the Absurd?” – A song that asks us all to decide how we will respond to politicians that make demagogic statements.
Song #4 “Show Us the Money” – When our representatives spend more than half their days begging for money we shouldn’t be surprised when they take all the “easy money” that they can get their hands on.
Song #5 “Super PACs – How Dumb Do You Think We Are?” – The Super PAC sing-a-long song. The Supreme Court is jeopardizing our democracy and it is up to us as citizens to stand and raise our voices.
Song #6 “Greed” – A song that simply cautions us all to be aware of the overpowering characteristics of greed.
Song #7 “Can You Hear the Bells of Freedom (The Occupy Song)” – A short song in support of the Occupy Movement.

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Music Show #4 – 7/22/2016 – Romantic Love Songs

The attention of today’s music show is around the very few romantic love songs of mine.  They explore the joys and hardships of loving partnership.  More often than not they are sung in a tender, caring and sometimes humorous way.

Song #1 “I’m With You” – A musical tribute to my partner for the last 34 years and some of our life experiences (sometimes slightly exaggerated.)

Song #2 “Don’t You Know That I Love You” – Simply an expression of the love held for that special partner in one’s life.

Song #3 “I’d Love to Share in Love with You” – A romantic love song of mine that helped to foster a fulfilling partnership that has lasted since 1982.

Song #4 “I Think I Love You” – A song about those times when one is reluctant to tell another person that you love them in fear that they won’t have similar feelings towards you.

Song #5 “I Love You (The Anniversary Song)” – I wrote this song for my Dad and Mom’s 60th wedding anniversary. I have been with my partner, Luann for over 34 years so I was able to reflect on our love when writing this song for them.

Song #6 “Why You Do?” – A song written after an argument with the person that I was so close to at the time.

Song #7 “I’d Like to Look Into Your Eyes” – A wooing song.

Song #8 “Where You Are” – A wishful song to once again be with the one you love.

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Music Show #03 – 7/8/ & 7/15 2016 – Delving into Social Issues

This Friday’s show has social issues as it’s focus. These Fresh Toones offer up the opportunity to re-evaluate where we stand on a variety of public concerns. Each song will have a brief intro before energetically delving into some major issues that face us today.

Song #1 “Everybody Needs Something to Believe In” – This song is not about everybody needing to go out and pick a religion, but more importantly it’s about holding your beliefs up to the light and examining them. In the process we may gain a better understanding to who we want to be.

Song #2 “Putting on the Style” – New words to a song written at the turn of the 19th century. It speaks to the the many different false costumes we sometimes robe ourselves in.

Song #3 “The Mother Earth Destruction Blues” – One of the bounciest, foot tapping songs about Mother Earth’s destruction that you’ll ever hear.

Song #4 “That Joke’s Got Go” – Super P.A.C.s and “Dark Money” have got to go. There’s plenty of political corruption already and these methods are just more ways to make it easier.

Song #5 “One of These Days”  A song dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, Pete Seeger and the Civil Rights Movement. Like the hand clapping in the video the beat goes on as the struggle for fairness and justice continues.

Song #6 “It’s Time for an Evolution” – A universal love song that reminds us that as we move ahead we should strive to evolve towards our better self.

Song #7 “Stand Up (and Be Your Love)” – This is a song that calls for a renewed effort by us to stand up and share our love.  Perhaps, by doing so, we can bring about some changes to make this world little better for everyone.

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Music Show #02 – 7/1/2016 – Self discovery and thanking others.

This Friday’s show is focused on the importance of striving to understand our love better and then finding ways to share that love with others. Today from 2:30 to 3 PM.

Song #1 “Who You Are” – A fun, upbeat song that encourages us to realize that the song that we write for ourselves and then sing with love for others can help us to live fuller lives.

Song #2 “We Could Start Today” – A hopeful, happy, motivating song that sings about how we can begin today to bring about some changes in ourselves and thus affect the changes around us.

Song #3 “Thanks to the Folks” – A song written to show our appreciation for all the sacrifices made by those who fought so hard for the freedoms that we enjoy today.

Song #4 “Oh, Malala” – What a brave young woman Malala is. If we could even be half as courageous as her in the struggle for justice, this world would be so much better off.

Song #5 “Help Us to Know What Love Is”  – A joyful song that request some help in our search to understand what love is.

song #6 “The Learning Tree” – A kid’s sing-a-long about how much fun it can be to learn new things.

Song #7 “The Happy Re-birthday Song” – A happy birthday wish for us all to take a moment on our special day to reflect on our past year and then to re-empower our most positive energies for the new year ahead.

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Music Show #01 – 6/25/2016 – Positive Upbeat Songs

This Friday’s show is focused on the positive contributions we can choose to make each day while living and singing our own Fresh Toones. Each song will have a brief intro on air with some positive encouragement for all. 

Song #1 “You Can Do It” – For years I didn’t use this title for the song because it was such a cliche. After a while I came to the decision to use it because it’s exactly what I was singing about

Song #2 “Plant Those Seeds with Love” – A song that encourages us all to invest our love in the seeds (our life endeavors) that we plant each and every day of our lives.

Song #3 – “Do Justice to Yourself” – A happy upbeat song that reminds us all to do what’s best for ourselves by making good thoughtful and loving decisions in our lives. We need to become the prophets that we seek with less dependency on directors and preachers outside of our own sincere efforts to discover the love we want to become.

Song #4 “Friends Come in All Shapes & Colors” – The song is about appreciating the diversity of our friendships and was originally written for an after-school animation program for the kids.

Song #5 “Gonna Sing It”  A upbeat positive song that encourages us all to sing with all our might.

song #6 “I’ve Dreamt About Living on a Mountain” – A song about looking back at the dreams we had when we were in our 20s and how they may well appear pretty silly now. Without them that energy and enthusiasm might well have been lost forever. 

Song #7 “The Fresh Toones Theme Song” – This song sets the mood and philosophy for all the other Fresh Toones. Basically, it espouses the motto “If you can hear the Song, you’ve got Fresh Toones.”


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Fresh Toones Music Show

Fresh Toones top banner image

The Fresh Toones Music Show is the creation of Dave Puls, a songwriter and musician who has been writing songs since 1971. It will air every Friday afternoon from 2:00 PM ’til 3 PM.

Dave Puls

Dave Puls

The show will be composed almost exclusively of original songs written and performed by him. He’ll be sharing some of his thoughts about the creation of those songs and hopes to inspire others to create their own fresh toones.

The show is particularly dedicated to fostering the creativity of anyone who struggles on their own with little or no public support to share their artistry with the world. Whether it be music, animation, song writing, painting or any creative endeavor, there is much for us to share and much more for us to discover.

You might ask yourself “What exactly are Fresh Toones?” Here’s a brief explanation from the Fresh Toones website.

“Fresh Toones are any creations that have resulted from an honest attempt to detect and call upon the universal vibration or thread that connects all of us. The sound that resonates through us, but is usually unnoticed do to our rush to solve our most immediate needs. These creations will stem from our own particular life experiences and by sharing them they may lead to a wider sensibility to the total life experience. Sometimes a Fresh Toone may be misguided or may fail to connect to something larger that our selves, but the critical element is that the attempt was honestly made. The results will be there for each of us to consider and accept or not.

In the end Fresh Toones should speak for themselves. We should all create our own Fresh Toones without fear of failing. If our attempts are sincere then we can be assured that it is better for the results to exist than not.”

The Fresh Toones Music Show will air every Friday afternoon from 2:30 PM ’til 3 PM.

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