Music Show #7 – 8/12/2016 – Protecting the environment.

Music Show #7 at
The theme of this week’s show is protecting our environment.

Song #1 “Until this Planet’s Green” – We have a duty to protect Mother Earth and to help her heal when we have damaged her delicate balance. “We can’t let her die in the hands of greed.”

Song #2 “Leda” – During my studies of the Old Master’s painting techniques I did a painting of “Leda and the Swan.” It was based off of a copy made by a student of Leonardo’s, because the original has been lost. Although some believe that Leonardo’s original was probably darker and more along the look of the Mona Lisa, I chose to use the brighter colors used by his student. This was much more like the spirit that I was in at the time. Later on I wrote this song about the painting and my relationship with Leda i.e. Gaia/Mother Earth.

Song #3 “Lake Placid” – In the 1970s the Adirondacks in New York were facing catastrophic effects from the clouds of acid rain flowing in from Ohio. Many of the trees were being killed and many lakes were becoming dead lakes with no fish within them. Much needed attention was brought to the problem and then with the efforts of the Department of Environmental Conservation the amount of acid rain falling there  was greatly reduced.

Song #4 “This Land Needs Care from You and Me” – Today there are many people who feel that the land is theirs to exploit and abuse with little regard for any environmental concerns. This song proposes that the land is really the Creator’s or the organizing energy that has created it and that we are most importantly stewards of the land.

Song #5 “Who’s Laughing Now?”– There are many  people who deny the science of climate change and the effects of human behavior. This song is a gentle reminder that perhaps we should listen more carefully to what the scientific research is telling us.

Song #6 “Sittin’ Back Up in the Woods” – A good time song about living back up in the woods with my friends.

Song #7 “The Mother Earth Destruction Blues” – One of the bounciest, foot tapping songs about Mother Earth’s destruction that you’ll ever hear.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

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