Derby Rocz Episode #57

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Episode 57-What Was That Cracking Noise
RASP is having a party and raffling off all sorts of prizes 8/13 and
8/14 10AM-9PM at 1044 university ave to try and save the skate park 
check out for details. 

Cash, Farrah and Shockin all had fun, were nerds and hated the heat 
this week! This week's rule is 4.2.1 and helps people know where to 
hit an opponent to avoid the penalty box. BAM-B of Roc City Roller Derby
joins us to talk about her move to Rochester and falling in love with 
derby again. 

The song of the week, Municipal Waste by Unleash The Bastards,  comes to
our from Reini from 13 Bloody Stars. 

blue two seven done.


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