Brain Development with Dr. Richard Ryan

When I knew that Rochester Free Radio was going to become a thing, and that my podcast, The Stuart Bedasso Show was going to become a show on RFR, I knew I had to have a show on Brain Development.  Why?  Because in my mind (no pun intended), that’s everything.  That’s why, as individuals, we are who we are.  The brain develops because of genetics and environment, but understanding how each make your brain what it is gives you a chance to be happier.  And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Then I had to figure out who to have on?  I remember Richard Ryan from when I first started dipping my toe into the education activism pond.  This was up his alley…well, relatively.  I knew he wasn’t a neuroscientist, but I didn’t want that.  My intention wasn’t an anatomy lesson.  Anyway, this is what we ended up with.  I had a great time and Richard did as well.  I hope you find it illuminating.  Share it with someone who needs to get their shit together.