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Vote as if Your Life Depends on it… it does

I’m voting for Jill Stein as if my life depends on it.

Because it does.

A year ago, I started a new job.  It was a lot less money.  A lot.  Because I was only making $9.50/hr, I wasn’t able to afford the same level of health care insurance as I previously had.  Going the Obamacare route was also not affordable to me (note the irony).  And this isn’t the time to discuss getting fined for not having health care, though I’m still stunned by the audacity of this.

So here I am, with my bottom of the barrel health insurance.  My deductible is so high that I can’t afford a doctor’s visit, tests, etc.  It’s here that I need to mention that I’ve had high blood pressure since they’ve started taking my blood pressure.  I almost wasn’t cleared to play baseball in college because of it.  I’ve been on medication for over 20 years – and it’s been 120/80 since.  When I moved to Hawaii for a job, my health care didn’t kick in for 30 days and I was off my medication and the result was terrible headaches and uncontrolled bleeding for any cut or scratch I would get.

I’ve also come to find out over the past few years that Type II diabetes runs in my family.  Not a surprise given our industrial food system, but that’s for another time as well.  So I have/had also been on Metformin – they should probably just start adding it to our water.

So, when I realized that I could only afford this bottom tier insurance, I informed my doctor’s office of this.  I told them that I’ll be able to continue my medication, but won’t be able to come in for all the tests they’ve had me taking over the past few years; at least until I get a better job, which I have been trying to do continuously, even after getting this low-paying gig.

Well, that wasn’t acceptable to my doctor and/or his office manager.  I proceeded to get a barrage of emails, phone calls, and form letters.  They tried to use intimidation and shame in the guise of “helping” me.  I was told that I didn’t care about my own health and eventually they gave me 30 days to start doing whatever they said (i.e. come in for costly tests) or else I would no longer be a patient of the illustrious, on-local-PBS, Dr. Louis Papa.  30 days went by and I received a notice from the Post Office that there was a certified letter waiting for me.  Yeah, I never went to get it.

My Doctor of 20+ years kicked me to the curb.

As of writing this, I’ve been off my diabetes meds for a month.  My blood pressure medication is due to run out in about 6 more weeks.  I’ve been looking for a doctor for a couple of months now.  My insurance company gives me outdated lists of doctors who are accepting new patients.  When I find one who actually is, my name is put on a list and their scheduler is supposed to call me back for some kind of interview.  They’re going to interview me.

I haven’t received a single call-back yet.

I have an amazing wife and a daughter I adore.  This disruption in my medical routine is costing me, I don’t know how many years of my life.  I’m trying to eat right.  I exercise a little when I’m not working 2 jobs and taking classes for a second teaching certification. Of the candidates for President on the ballot in my state, there is only one calling for a true, single-payer, socialized-type system.

So I’m voting for Jill Stein as if my life depends on it.  Because it does.

Brain Development with Dr. Richard Ryan

When I knew that Rochester Free Radio was going to become a thing, and that my podcast, The Stuart Bedasso Show was going to become a show on RFR, I knew I had to have a show on Brain Development.  Why?  Because in my mind (no pun intended), that’s everything.  That’s why, as individuals, we are who we are.  The brain develops because of genetics and environment, but understanding how each make your brain what it is gives you a chance to be happier.  And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Then I had to figure out who to have on?  I remember Richard Ryan from when I first started dipping my toe into the education activism pond.  This was up his alley…well, relatively.  I knew he wasn’t a neuroscientist, but I didn’t want that.  My intention wasn’t an anatomy lesson.  Anyway, this is what we ended up with.  I had a great time and Richard did as well.  I hope you find it illuminating.  Share it with someone who needs to get their shit together.

Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Trump

Reasons I’M not afraid of Trump winning the election.

1. He’s a pathological liar, delusional, and/or a huckster.
I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Does that mean I want him as president? Of course not, but by that note, I also don’t believe what he says he’s going to do if elected. There will never be a “wall”. (see below)

2. He’s either clueless about how our government works or is saying the things he says to rile up his “base”.
Either way, the President is not allowed to do a lot of what he says.  Seriously, there will never be a “wall”.

3. Whether it’s Trump or Hillary who wins, my ass will be out in the streets fighting whatever bullcrap they bring.
Will you?

Reasons YOU shouldn’t be afraid of Trump winning the election.

1. See above.

2. He’s had multiple stances on the dog whistle issues.
Abortion, gay marriage, war, etc. He doesn’t hold to any ideology other than himself. And he won’t have any problem pissing off his base if he gets in office.

3. Even Republicans hate this guy.

4. Trump is the latest boogeyman.
How many times are you going to let Lucy pull the ball out from you? Yes, I know. But THIS one is worse. There will always be a boogeyman to scare you. Don’t believe the hype.

5. Remember, it’s not how many people vote, it’s who counts the votes afterward.
The fix is in, folks. We’ve seen it during the primary. HC will be our next President.

6.  He’s not as popular as you think.
Just because he gets all the free publicity from the corporate cable news channels (do you really watch that stuff?), that’s done for alleged ratings.  Turn that crap off.  He’s constantly on it, because old people and doctors’ offices always have those channels on.

7.  His crash & burn is starting.
First of all, he’s too lousy of a businessman and has treated too many people like dirt.  All of that stuff is already coming out and it’s going to be an avalanche if he comes out of the convention with the nomination.  Why?  Ratings & clicks, my friend.  Second, some of you followed this guy as a reality show entity.  Great.  You maybe saw him once a week, the occasional commercial.  Now he’s all over the freaking place and it’s always the same buffoonish behavior.  Just when you think you couldn’t be fed up enough… oh, just wait.  He’s not going to be able to dial it down as we get closer to November.

Reasons we should be voting for the Green Party’s candidate.*

1. The way the Sanders campaign has gone down should have convinced you that both the Democratic & Republican parties (and their subsidiaries) are counter-revolutionary.
These parties cannot be fixed from within. This argument has been made at federal, state and local levels for years. I have never seen a shred of evidence that this is possible.

2. If all the disgruntled people voted for the Green candidate, at a minimum, the established parties would shit themselves (some of the older folks, literally). And if some polls are correct (!) it could bring a plurality victory – assuming the election’s not rigged enough.

3. Do you want your vote to REALLY count?
The Greens getting 5% of the vote brings Federal matching funds for federal races (for, I think the next 4 years). They don’t take corporate / PAC donations. Think of electoral damage they could do with that kind of funding. Your vote will actually stand for something!  You should be voting for 3rd Party candidates for this reason alone.

4. But the Supreme Court!
The Senate confirms SCOTUS candidates.  If you’re worried about SCOTUS you should be focusing on the Senate.  Remember, Democrats voted for Scalia. Yessireebob.  A Democratic President doesn’t mean squat. I expound more on that here.

No Military School in RCSD

Today, I participated in a focus group for the Rochester City School District.  The topic was whether the District should open a Military School.  Before I get to the focus group, let me put this a bluntly and simply as I can…peace hands

There should absolutely NOT be a public military school in Rochester (or anywhere else for that matter).

As for the focus group…working the sign in table was a member of the Rochester Police Department.  Not a good sign.  There were about 30 members of the community in the audience.  A few of them, fellow officers.  There were also people who I assumed are in ROTC, in full uniform.  Of the uniformed people, it may have been 50% of them were people of color.  Of the rest of us, I would say over 80% of us were white.

There were different categories you could could put yourself in: educator, parent, community member, etc.  I could have gone with a number of them, but I chose educator.  So I sat in a group of 5 people with a group leader and an “observer”.  All of us were white.  The “observer” is a teacher in the district who is also in the military.

In our group, the entire conversation was recorded and we were told that a report will go to specific committees of the School Board and they will be available to the public.  I look forward to seeing just how our comments will be represented.

I’m not going to use this blog to describe each person in my group or what they said. But I will summarize the conversation.  All 6 educators in that room agreed that the kids in RCSD are under insurmountable pressures, most are dealing with some kind(s) of trauma.  We also agreed that there shouldn’t be as huge an emphasis on testing.  We were all on the same page with the concept that we should be dealing with the Maslow stuff before we deal with the educational stuff.

[Side note: you may disagree that schools shouldn’t be handling emotional issues, homelessness, abuse, etc., but you literally can’t teach kids who have PTSD.  So people in education can’t wait for the rest of you to stop dicking around and get to helping our children.]

In the group, I added my own stuff.  What a military school would stress is not healthy for traumatized children.  The School Board should be leading the fight against the state and federal governments to end high-stakes testing.  The structure of a military school is not developmentally appropriate for our children. Having a school that teaches obedience and compliance instead of critical thinking and peace is not what our children need. We’re talking about a publicly funded military academy while the Regional Academy has been sitting on a shelf for almost 10 years; a school that was developed by over 150 members of the community including educators, parents and Nazareth College.

Except for me, everyone in the group was in the military or had family who is/was in.  So I quickly decided not to say the following.  It’s unconscionable that the idea would be floated to have the children who are abused, neglected and broken be led to become cannon fodder for our military, so that they can be abused there and spit back out to be neglected as veterans.  And children of color, I may add.

Peace with a pieceI’m sorry, but I don’t thank veterans for their service, because our military does not defend our country, but protects the interests of the ruling, corporate class.  I chose not to bring this to the focus group because it was not meant to be a debate, and I did not go there to directly insult life choices other people have made.  We were giving our individual opinions and I did not intend for the time to become an argument on this.  But when this gets pushed past the committees and comes to a vote in front of the full School Board, I will definitely be there saying these things.  And I will also say the following…

Any member of the Rochester City School Board who votes for a public military school should immediately resign, because those who do have given up and have no positive, productive ideas on how to improve this school district.

Which side are you on?

-Dave Sutliff-Atias

Marketing Consciousness

This isn’t connected to any TSBS. I was looking at my version of the book If the World Were a Village today. A nice book and a great concept. If all the world were proportionately condensed to a village of 100 people, what would the demographics be?

My version was updated in 2007. We had 6.6 billion people then. (7.4 billion now) The proportions haven’t changed too much – pretty much +/- 1 point either way for a lot of demos.

It’s a great concept to help us understand our place in the world… a concept that has been effectively commoditized. I couldn’t find an “official” video, paper, etc. that doesn’t cost money. Well, here’s a video with the same concept with a few more categories than the book.

– Dave