Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Trump

Reasons I’M not afraid of Trump winning the election.

1. He’s a pathological liar, delusional, and/or a huckster.
I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Does that mean I want him as president? Of course not, but by that note, I also don’t believe what he says he’s going to do if elected. There will never be a “wall”. (see below)

2. He’s either clueless about how our government works or is saying the things he says to rile up his “base”.
Either way, the President is not allowed to do a lot of what he says.  Seriously, there will never be a “wall”.

3. Whether it’s Trump or Hillary who wins, my ass will be out in the streets fighting whatever bullcrap they bring.
Will you?

Reasons YOU shouldn’t be afraid of Trump winning the election.

1. See above.

2. He’s had multiple stances on the dog whistle issues.
Abortion, gay marriage, war, etc. He doesn’t hold to any ideology other than himself. And he won’t have any problem pissing off his base if he gets in office.

3. Even Republicans hate this guy.

4. Trump is the latest boogeyman.
How many times are you going to let Lucy pull the ball out from you? Yes, I know. But THIS one is worse. There will always be a boogeyman to scare you. Don’t believe the hype.

5. Remember, it’s not how many people vote, it’s who counts the votes afterward.
The fix is in, folks. We’ve seen it during the primary. HC will be our next President.

6.  He’s not as popular as you think.
Just because he gets all the free publicity from the corporate cable news channels (do you really watch that stuff?), that’s done for alleged ratings.  Turn that crap off.  He’s constantly on it, because old people and doctors’ offices always have those channels on.

7.  His crash & burn is starting.
First of all, he’s too lousy of a businessman and has treated too many people like dirt.  All of that stuff is already coming out and it’s going to be an avalanche if he comes out of the convention with the nomination.  Why?  Ratings & clicks, my friend.  Second, some of you followed this guy as a reality show entity.  Great.  You maybe saw him once a week, the occasional commercial.  Now he’s all over the freaking place and it’s always the same buffoonish behavior.  Just when you think you couldn’t be fed up enough… oh, just wait.  He’s not going to be able to dial it down as we get closer to November.

Reasons we should be voting for the Green Party’s candidate.*

1. The way the Sanders campaign has gone down should have convinced you that both the Democratic & Republican parties (and their subsidiaries) are counter-revolutionary.
These parties cannot be fixed from within. This argument has been made at federal, state and local levels for years. I have never seen a shred of evidence that this is possible.

2. If all the disgruntled people voted for the Green candidate, at a minimum, the established parties would shit themselves (some of the older folks, literally). And if some polls are correct (!) it could bring a plurality victory – assuming the election’s not rigged enough.

3. Do you want your vote to REALLY count?
The Greens getting 5% of the vote brings Federal matching funds for federal races (for, I think the next 4 years). They don’t take corporate / PAC donations. Think of electoral damage they could do with that kind of funding. Your vote will actually stand for something!  You should be voting for 3rd Party candidates for this reason alone.

4. But the Supreme Court!
The Senate confirms SCOTUS candidates.  If you’re worried about SCOTUS you should be focusing on the Senate.  Remember, Democrats voted for Scalia. Yessireebob.  A Democratic President doesn’t mean squat. I expound more on that here.