Music Show #8 – 8/19/2016 – Humorous original songs.

Music Show #8 at

Song #1 “If I Could Only” – A humorous look back at some youthful hopes and dreams. In the end this bouncy song should leave one hopeful for the future when a lot empty goals are put aside.

Song #2 “It’s a Treat to See the Sun Rochester” – A song for a city, Rochester, NY,  that used to set the record for the least amount of sunshine for many winters. It speaks highly of the friends I got to know there.

Song #3 “Self Employed” – This song tells the story of one person’s struggle to break away from the tortures of working for someone else and succeeding on their own.

Song #4 “Just Make Me Laugh” – An introspective, philosophical examination on the all consuming needs of some to only want to laugh through life and not have to think.

Song #5 “Making Us All Look Nuts”– Sometimes our politics in the U.S. seem so bizarre to the rest of the world that they just shake their heads and wonder what we we’re thinking.

Song #6 “Things Will Be Better Soon” – If we’re always waiting for things to get better soon before we enjoy life then we might miss an awful lot of good stuff along the way.

Song #7 “The Turtle Soup Trot” – A bike adventure song about a friend with a green parka that had a spill in the rain on some railroad tracks.

Song #8 “The Party Song” –A bouncy song about attending a party that I wished I hadn’t.

Song #9 “Little Ditties” –We’re all gonna  “sing our little ditties and act a little silly and make our lives complete.”

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Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

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