Derby Rocz Episode #58

Episode 58 - It's Going To Be A Girl Fight
Farrah is the 
textbook definition of 'emotional roller coaster,' Hater took a sweat 
box to a fancy party, Shockin is going to have babies and Cash is super 
psyched about next week's hot tub. Amy Holler Bender is with us to talk 
about her work with the Children's Tumor Foundation and her amazing 
daughter. This week's rule is a unique situation from the track 
involving both 3.1.2 and 6.11.9 and why it's not always best to "play 
the cut." We are joined by Andrew Hoefling of Flour City Fear and he 
talks about the excitement surrounding the Fear's home opener this 
weekend. The song of the week, Pork and Beans by Weezer, comes to us 
from RCRD's Post Mortimer. Blue two seven done.

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