Music Show #4 – 7/22/2016 – Romantic Love Songs

The attention of today’s music show is around the very few romantic love songs of mine.  They explore the joys and hardships of loving partnership.  More often than not they are sung in a tender, caring and sometimes humorous way.

Song #1 “I’m With You” – A musical tribute to my partner for the last 34 years and some of our life experiences (sometimes slightly exaggerated.)

Song #2 “Don’t You Know That I Love You” – Simply an expression of the love held for that special partner in one’s life.

Song #3 “I’d Love to Share in Love with You” – A romantic love song of mine that helped to foster a fulfilling partnership that has lasted since 1982.

Song #4 “I Think I Love You” – A song about those times when one is reluctant to tell another person that you love them in fear that they won’t have similar feelings towards you.

Song #5 “I Love You (The Anniversary Song)” – I wrote this song for my Dad and Mom’s 60th wedding anniversary. I have been with my partner, Luann for over 34 years so I was able to reflect on our love when writing this song for them.

Song #6 “Why You Do?” – A song written after an argument with the person that I was so close to at the time.

Song #7 “I’d Like to Look Into Your Eyes” – A wooing song.

Song #8 “Where You Are” – A wishful song to once again be with the one you love.

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