Music Show #6 – 8/5/2016 – Find Your Love

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The theme of today’s music show is about finding our love. Perhaps, in the end we will come to realize that our efforts to gain more ephemeral things were just a distraction from what we were truly seeking… A clearer understanding of what our love is all about.

Song #1 “Find Your Love” – A peaceful love song to help us through the night when all seem lost.

Song #2 “Back to Your Heart” – When we have gone astray from the person that we want to be this is a song that harkens us all to come back to our center, “our heart.”

Song #3 “Come to Know Your Love” – A simple song that encourages us all to put more of our efforts into understanding a greater love.

Song #4 “It’s Your Love” – “It’s your love reaching out for you. It’s your love don’t miss the best of you. It’s your love striving to become. It’s your love growing towards the sun.”

Song #5 “Help Us to Know What Love Is”– A joyful song that request some help in our search to understand what love is.

Song #6 “Do You Know Where Your Love Is?” – A mellow positive song that asks this important question.

Song #7 “Our Love Will Give Us Love” –Is it possible that as we give our love we are also creating a reserve of love that we can call upon in the future?

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