Music Show #01 – 6/25/2016 – Positive Upbeat Songs

This Friday’s show is focused on the positive contributions we can choose to make each day while living and singing our own Fresh Toones. Each song will have a brief intro on air with some positive encouragement for all. 

Song #1 “You Can Do It” – For years I didn’t use this title for the song because it was such a cliche. After a while I came to the decision to use it because it’s exactly what I was singing about

Song #2 “Plant Those Seeds with Love” – A song that encourages us all to invest our love in the seeds (our life endeavors) that we plant each and every day of our lives.

Song #3 – “Do Justice to Yourself” – A happy upbeat song that reminds us all to do what’s best for ourselves by making good thoughtful and loving decisions in our lives. We need to become the prophets that we seek with less dependency on directors and preachers outside of our own sincere efforts to discover the love we want to become.

Song #4 “Friends Come in All Shapes & Colors” – The song is about appreciating the diversity of our friendships and was originally written for an after-school animation program for the kids.

Song #5 “Gonna Sing It”  A upbeat positive song that encourages us all to sing with all our might.

song #6 “I’ve Dreamt About Living on a Mountain” – A song about looking back at the dreams we had when we were in our 20s and how they may well appear pretty silly now. Without them that energy and enthusiasm might well have been lost forever. 

Song #7 “The Fresh Toones Theme Song” – This song sets the mood and philosophy for all the other Fresh Toones. Basically, it espouses the motto “If you can hear the Song, you’ve got Fresh Toones.”


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