Fresh Toones Music Show

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The Fresh Toones Music Show is the creation of Dave Puls, a songwriter and musician who has been writing songs since 1971. It will air every Friday afternoon from 2:00 PM ’til 3 PM.

Dave Puls

Dave Puls

The show will be composed almost exclusively of original songs written and performed by him. He’ll be sharing some of his thoughts about the creation of those songs and hopes to inspire others to create their own fresh toones.

The show is particularly dedicated to fostering the creativity of anyone who struggles on their own with little or no public support to share their artistry with the world. Whether it be music, animation, song writing, painting or any creative endeavor, there is much for us to share and much more for us to discover.

You might ask yourself “What exactly are Fresh Toones?” Here’s a brief explanation from the Fresh Toones website.

“Fresh Toones are any creations that have resulted from an honest attempt to detect and call upon the universal vibration or thread that connects all of us. The sound that resonates through us, but is usually unnoticed do to our rush to solve our most immediate needs. These creations will stem from our own particular life experiences and by sharing them they may lead to a wider sensibility to the total life experience. Sometimes a Fresh Toone may be misguided or may fail to connect to something larger that our selves, but the critical element is that the attempt was honestly made. The results will be there for each of us to consider and accept or not.

In the end Fresh Toones should speak for themselves. We should all create our own Fresh Toones without fear of failing. If our attempts are sincere then we can be assured that it is better for the results to exist than not.”

The Fresh Toones Music Show will air every Friday afternoon from 2:30 PM ’til 3 PM.

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