Music Show #141 –3/8/2019 – Inspirational Lives: Episode 7 – Nelson Mandela

A series dedicated to individuals who have lived inspirational lives.

Song #1 “May You Rest in Peace” – A memorial song for those who have lived their lives exuding love for others.

Song #2 “If There’s a Will, There is a Way” – We’ve faced difficult issues in the past and it’s up to us to choose to work together to address the challenges confronting us now.

Song#3 “As I Look” “The more I look… The more I see that we can come to know our love.”

Song #4 “Time for an Evolution” A universal love song that reminds us that as we move ahead we should strive to evolve towards our better self.

Song #5 “Hard Travelin’” – (Woody Guthrie ) With additional words.

Song #6 “One of These Days” – A song dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, Pete Seeger and the Civil Rights Movement.

Song #7 “The Road to the Top Isn’t Paved” – Through our sincere efforts to rise to the top we can one day obtain our greatest heights and become the love that we have always been in search of.

Song #8 ” Hammer Song “ – (Lee Hays and Pete Seeger) Written in 1949 in support of the Progressive movement, and was first recorded by The Weavers.


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