Music Show #140 –3/1/2019 – Telling Our Stories – Part 18: “The Young Thespian’s Remorse”

Another show in a series dedicated to encouraging us all to share our stories.

This month’s story: The Young Thespian’s Remorse” – You may be able to avoid your fears for awhile, but often they come hurling back at you later on a different stage.

Song #1 “Don’t Wanna Be No Superstar” – The title says it all.

Song #2 “Don’t You Cry Now” – A comforting song after an agonizing life experience.

Song #3 “Time Changes Everything” – (Tommy Duncan)

Song #4 “(I’m Just a Bug on the) Windshield of Life” – (Chuck Winans & Geoff   Brown)

Song #5 “I Guess School Never Ends” A song about how our lives are simply one lifelong class taken to learn how to become our selves. Life 101.

Song #6 “Circle Game” (Joni Mitchell)

Song #7 “This Land is Your Land” – (Woody Guthrie)

Song #8 “Will Grow with Love” – “When the seed grows up in the sunlight and reaches for the moonlight it will grow with love.


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