Music Show #129 –12/14/2018 – Inspirational Lives: Episode 3 – Malala Yousafzai

A series dedicated to individuals who have lived inspirational lives.

Song #1 “Oh, Malala” – A song about a brave young girl who worked to inform the world about the efforts being made to prevent girls from going to school in Pakistan.

Song #2 “All You Can Do” – An upbeat, positive song about the joys of singing your own Song and just doing what you can.

Song #3 “I Wanna See” – A wishful song about what we want to bring about with our lives.

Song #4 Lot of LoveEncouragement for us to try to find ways to contribute to love that already surrounds us.

Song #5 “Your Love Will Never Rest” – “The love you share will never die, it just lives on in someone else’s eyes.”

Song #6 “Open Your Heart” – Let us open our eyes, open up the door and open up our hearts and let some love come in.

Song #7 “The Sound Within Your Heart” – If you can hear the sound within your heart it’s gonna let you be … it’s gonna let you see … it’s gonna set us free.

Song #8 “No Big Words Here” – A soothing, peaceful song that invites a calm into our lives.


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