Music Show #130 – 12/21/18 – If You Can Hear the Song, You’ve Got Fresh Toones

Songs related to this Fresh Toones’ tag line.

Song #1 “Fresh Toones”– The theme song for the Fresh Toones’ creations.

Song #2 “Only a Song” – “Love is only a song whistling through your heart … like the wind in the dark.”

Song #3 “She’s Calling You” – The voice that calls us out to us when we are experiencing stressful times in our lives. The voice that is there coaxing us to keep trying when we are feeling in despair.

Song #4 “Sing Your Song” – Your basic, be sure to live your life as the person you want to be, song.

Song #5 “The Song is Love” – “She reaches out to everyone and she calls out your name, but will her efforts all be in vain?”

Song #6 “You’ve Got a Song” – A simple song that stresses the necessity for each of us to sing our part in the great choir that rings out every day in the universe.

Song #7 “Gonna Sing It” – An upbeat positive song that encourages us to sing with all our might.

Song #8 “We Sing Out!” – (Pete Seeger) A song written for the children’s Rivertown Singers.

Song #9 “You’ve Always Got the Song” – If you can keep in your heart, you’ll always have the song.


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