Music Show #128 –12/7/2018 – Telling Our Stories – Part 15: The Junkman’s Apprentice

Another show in a series dedicated to encouraging us all to share our stories.

This month’s story: The Junkman’s Apprentice” – A story about how hard work and patience can often lead to rewards not originally imagined.

Song #1 “Life’s an Adventure” – A song about appreciating the adventure called “life.”

Song #2 “Take Your Time” – A simple song that encourages us all to be steadfast and patient in our search for love.

Song #3 “Movin’ Kinda Slow” – Another song about taking our time and enjoying the view as we ride along.

Song #4 “Will Your Work Have Been Done?” – A song for re-evaluating where we are in life and if we’re staying true to the person we want to be

Song #5 It’s Been a Long Hard DayA song for one of those long hard days when it hardly seems worth going on for.


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