Music Show #59 – 8/11/2017 – Social Commentary Songs II

Songs about some day to day observations about the society that we function in.

Song #1 Don’t Wanna Be No Superstar – A bouncy love-filled song that keeps us aware of the responsibilities we have to ourselves to keep our love as the priority.

Song #2 “Gotta Have Attitude” – A song that calls to mind TV shows like “The Jerry Springer Show.”

Song #3 “Life’s Strange Enough” – Life is already strange enough without pushing our minds into another realm of distortion that may become hard to recover from.

Song #4 “Something’s Wrong” – A James Taylor inspired song that refers to some common agreed-upon social norms that may not necessarily be the best things for us.

Song #5 “Out West ” – A song that advocates for better oversight when it comes to background checks for purchases made at gun shows.

Song #6 “It’s Only a Movie” – A thought provoking song that kindly asks us all to consider the effects that our “creative” endeavors may have on the lives of others.  Simply stated “What have we done when the day is done?”

Song #7 “We Threw It All Away” – A song with new verses of mine for a Dylan song.

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