Music Show #60 – 8/18/2017 – Loves Lost and Found

These songs speak to both sides of our quest to find a romantic partner.

Song #1 One-sided Love – “To know a one-sided love is to know the moon without the sun.”

Song #2 “I’ll Never Be a Lover” – “I sit and look out through my window … through the bars that will not budge. I see a love that’s gone unanswered … I hear a heart beat that’s grown faint.”

Song #3 “Love She Passes On” – Even if the love between two people may end, the love that was shared still survives and is passed on.

Song #4 “When the Wall Falls” – A celebration for the falling of unjust social barriers. Whether it be the day women won the right to vote, the days the civil right acts were signed in the 60’s or when the Berlin Wall fell there are many walls that have collapsed and still more to take down.

Song #5 “Endless Song” – The Endless Song will always find a way to continue on, because in the end our very survival depends on it.

Song #6 “So Hard to Find” – Our search for love may sometimes lead us down a dead end road, but it may be that we just didn’t pay attention to the signs.

Song #7 “I Hope I Turn the Right Way” – Sometimes you may become cynical about pursuing another romantic relationship, but if love does tap you on the shoulder I hope you turn the right way.

Song #8 “I’d Like to Look into Your Eyes” – A tender love song by a suitor who invites a response from the person that they attracted to.

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