Music Show #58 – 8/4/2017 – Hang on to Your Love

Some spirit-raising songs that remind us to not lose our love because of the turmoil of the day.

Song #1 Don’t You Lose Your Love – A bouncy love-filled song that keeps us aware of the responsibilities we have to ourselves to keep our love as the priority.

Song #2 “Don’t You Run” – A song that suggests that we run around less and that we take a moment to breathe and experience more of our relatively brief lives.

Song #3 “Endless Song” – A mellow little song that soothes us into a state of loving confidence.

Song #4 “It’s Been a Long Hard Day” – If we can survive those long hard days we will appreciate the better ones that will inevitably arise.

Song #5 “Who Would Ever Think It?” – “Please let us help each other … find the love for which we search. Let us give it our best shot before we leave.”

Song #6 “Waitin’ No More” – I’m not waiting for some thunderbolt of enlightenment. I’m going to make my best efforts to find the love that I’m looking for.

Song #7 “Only a Song” – If you try to put it in a box… You’ll think it was never there… If you try to grasp in your hands… You’ll think it was never there… ‘Cause love is only a song… whistling through the heart like the wind through the dark.”

Song #8 “Come On and Sing Again” – “We can build up the towers and wear diamonds around our necks, but if we forgot the Song what good is all the rest.”

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