Music Show #41 – 4/5 & 4/7/2017 – Friendship Songs

These are some of my songs that were inspired by or were written for my friends.

Song #1 If I Could Find Some Way – “If I could find some way.  I’d like to spend a lifetime with you today.”

Song #2 “Hitched a Ride Towards a Dream” – Often as young adults when we decide which dreams we are going to pursue it results in the loss of some of our friendships.

Song #3 “When Nothing” – A song about those times when nothing seems to matter anymore.

Song #4  Think of the Pretty Thoughts” – A happy floating-a-long kind of a song.

Song #5 “Just the Way I Like to Think ” – “The most important thing is loving you. It’s just the way I like to think.”

Song #6 “Friends Come in All Shapes and Colors” – The song is about appreciating the diversity of our friendships and was originally written for an after school animation program.

Song #7 Raise Your Glass” – A toast to all of the friends that I have had in my lifetime.

Song #8 Sitting Back Up in the Woods” – A hippie fantasy song about living back up in the woods with my friends.

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