Music Show #42 – 4/12 & 4/14/2017 –Songs for Animatus Studio Projects

A variety of silly songs for animated shorts.

Song #1 “Self-Employed“ – A song about one person’s struggle to break away from the tortures of working for someone else and succeeding in their own business.

Song #2 “Sumo Man” – A silly story about two animators who keep their animation studio afloat by being strippers.

Song #3 “Going to the Olympics” – A song written for an animated promotional spot for the Olympics.

Song #4 “Derf the Viking, Ay” – A song written for a Pixie Animation Award winner called “Derf the Viking.”

Song #5 “The Brussel Waffle Wagon” – A parody song written for a client who had a business with this name.

Song #6 “It’s Fun to Do the Impossible” – A song written for an animation instructional video and later used as a theme song for The Animation Workshop’s student videos.

Song #7 “Just Make Me Laugh” – This song was inspired by the adamant proclamation by a friend. “People don’t want to think when they’re watching animation. They just want to laugh.”

Song #8 “Oh, What a Joy” – A joyful song about being able to experience the love and excitement that exists in this very moment.

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