Music Show #40 – 3/29 & 3/31/2017 – Songs from a Fresh Toones Live Performance – 3rd set

These are some of the songs that I perform when I play out in the community. I’ll be playing out at Starry Nites Café on March 31st from 8-10 pm for a fund raiser for Rochester Free Radio.

Song #1 “I Shall Be Released“ – (Bob Dylan) One of Dylan’s older songs that he has performed more than any other.

Song #2 “Gonna Sing It” – An upbeat positive song that encourages us to sing with all our might.

Song #3 “So Long It’s Been Good to Know You” – (Woody Guthrie)  A Depression era song that Woody would get the people singing on his travels across America.

Song #4 “Help Us to Know What Love Is” – A joyful song that requests some help in our search to understand what love is.

Song #5 “Puttin’ on the Style” – New verses to a traditional folk song originally written at the turn of the 19th century. It’s a song about the different “styles” that many folks put on as they go through life.

Song #6 “Stand Up (and Be Your Love) – A song that calls for a renewed effort by us to stand up and share our love.  Perhaps, by doing so, we can bring about some changes to make this world a little better for everyone.

Song #7 “This Land” – (Woody Guthrie) Woody’s best known song. Here is a link to a music video to this song with new verses that I wrote. My version is called “This Land Needs Care from You and Me.”

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