Music Show #25 – 12/14/ & 12/16/2016 – Songs We Need To Sing

We need to be authentic and sing our song or we will be lost.

Song #1 Gonna Sing Until I’m Done – “I’m gonna sing until I’m done. Until I melt into the sun.”

Song #2 “Do I Sing or Do I Die?” – One of my more rockin’ songs that asks one of life’s most critical questions.

Song #3 “All You Can Do” – A happy, upbeat, positive song about the joys of singing your own Song.

Song #4 “Sing Your Song – A morale booster for those days when your life seems lacking.

Song #5 “Gonna Sing It – A song that encourages us all to sing our songs with all our might.

Song #6 “Time to Sing What’s On Your Mind – There’s no better time than right now to sing what’s on your mind.

Song #7 I Sang Out” – A song about the joy I receive by seeking out and reaching out to give my love.

Song #8 It’s the Best– “Do the best. The best that you can do… Reach. Reach with all the love that’s you… Smile as you realize ..The Song has brought you what you’ve wanted all your life.”

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