Music Show #26 – 12/21/ & 12/23/2016 –Something to Believe In

Many of us spend much of our lives searching for the answer to the question “What is my life all about?”  These are a few songs about my personal quest.

Song #1 Everybody Needs Something to Believe In – This song is not about everybody needing to go out and pick a religion, but more importantly it’s about holding your beliefs up to the light and examining them.

Song #2 “Take Us to Heaven” – Maybe, heaven is more about what we create each day here for ourselves than some perfect paradise in the future.

Song #3 “The Wind” – The second song I ever wrote that requests the aid of “the wind” to give me some direction and then to put that wind behind me to keep me moving.

Song #4 “The Stop-Motion Church of Love – A church about finding love. A church filled with laughter and sometimes tears. “A church where you can be yourself and leave the props to someone else.”  A place where you can tell your story and truly feel alive.

Song #5 “It’s a Mystery” – “Why do we trust our foolish pride, as she takes us on a lonely ride?”

Song #6 “Could You Be My Religion?” – A song about going out to look for that just right product or religion.

Song #7 Om Namah Shivaya” – A mantra (simply put):  I bow to the God within. “Sometimes it’s the simpler the better.” Smile, laugh, sing.

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