Music Show #24 – 12/7/ & 12/9/2016 – A Retro-Listen: 1982 – Pt.2

Fresh Toones as performed on the Folkfest Radio Show in 1982.

Song #1 Heart of Hearts –“Someday we will find all the love we are looking for is hidden deep inside our hearts…in our heart of hearts.”

Song #2 “Don’t You Know” – A love song that asks the question “Don’t you know that I love you?”

Song #3 “Endless Song” – Love is the endless song.

Song #4 “Just to Let You Know – Just looking for love as I go and it’s only a heartbeat away.

Song #5 “We’re Growing –“ Like a stream running down the mountain side, I’m twisting and turning, but I don’t mind because with every rock that I pass I am growing.”

Song #6 “Remember It All – An uplifting song that invites us all to take a pause every once in awhile to remember it all.

Song #7 Don’t Live in the Past” – We mustn’t let our memories of the “good old days” distort the progress that has been made or distract us from the changes that we need to work towards in the future.

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