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Marketing Consciousness

This isn’t connected to any TSBS. I was looking at my version of the book If the World Were a Village today. A nice book and a great concept. If all the world were proportionately condensed to a village of 100 people, what would the demographics be?

My version was updated in 2007. We had 6.6 billion people then. (7.4 billion now) The proportions haven’t changed too much – pretty much +/- 1 point either way for a lot of demos.

It’s a great concept to help us understand our place in the world… a concept that has been effectively commoditized. I couldn’t find an “official” video, paper, etc. that doesn’t cost money. Well, here’s a video with the same concept with a few more categories than the book.

– Dave

Snow Removal

Dave & I discuss the upcoming vote on legislation around snow removal in Rochester, NY. It’s just a money grab and puts liability on homeowners instead of the City.