Music Show #83 – 1/26/2018 – The New Cotton Hollow Band

The last week of the month retrospective of music from Rochester bands in the 70s. A live recording from 1979.

Song #1 “Friends of the Devil” – (Grateful Dead)

Song #2 “Willin’” – (Little Feat)

Song #3 “You Ain’t Gonna Nowhere” – (Bob Dylan)

Song #4 “Cold, Cold, Cold” – (Dave Puls) – A Fresh Toones’ music video for this song.

Song #5 “Mr. Spaceman” –(The Byrds)

Song #6 “Done Laid Around” – (Weavers)

Song #7 “Careless Love” – (Dave Puls)

Song #8 “Better Off Without a Wife” – (Tom Waits)

Song #9 “True to You” – (Michael Smith)

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