Music Show #82 – 1/19/2018 – Time to Speak Up and Sing Out

We need to speak up or we may lose our political voices.

Song #1 “Stand Up (and Be Your Love)” – A song that calls for a renewed effort by us to stand up and share our love. Perhaps, by doing so, we can bring about some changes to make this world  a little better for everyone.

Song #2 “Gonna Sing It” – An upbeat positive song that encourages us to sing who we are with all our might.

Song #3 “Just Do What You Can Do” – A simple song about doing what we can to make things better. We don’t have to change the whole world. We just need to examine our lives and realize what we want to do to feel fulfilled. By so doing we will be empowered to continue to do all we can.

Song #4 “Until This Planet’s Green” – An anthem for protecting the environment from the catastrophic damage precipitated by human behavior.

Song #5 “This Land Needs Care From You and Me” –Today there are many people who feel that the land is theirs to exploit and abuse with little regard for any environmental concerns. This song proposes that the land is really the Creator’s or the organizing energy’s that has created it and that we are most importantly stewards of the land..

Song #6 “We Could Start Today” – A hopeful, happy, motivating song about how we can begin today to bring about some change in ourselves and thus affect the change going on around us.

Song #7 “I Sang Out” – Hopefully, as we look back on our lives we’ll know that we sang out when things needed to be said.

Song #8 “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around” – A traditional protest song.

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