Music Show #75 – 12/1/2017 – Telling Our Stories: Part 3

Another show in a series dedicated to encouraging us all to share our stories.

This month’s story: TV Commercials Saved My Life” – A story about how sometimes the weirdest things can make all the difference.

Song #1 “When Love is All You’ve Got” – An upbeat song written for a documentary about my mother’s life and her experiences of growing up during the Depression.

Song #2 “We’re Not in High School Anymore” – A song about that moment when as a adults we realize that we’re not and that we need to change some of our behavior.

Song #3 “One Tin Soldier” – (Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter) The theme song for the movie “Billy Jack.”

Song #4 “Life’s an Adventure” – A bouncy song about experiencing the unexpected encounters that life presents us with.

Song #5 “Endless Song” – A recording of a Fresh Toone performed on a radio show in the early 80s.

Song #6 “Before I Pack My Bags” – A love song that is about more than just packing my bags for an everyday trip.

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