Music Show #76 – 12/8/2017 – Songs of Emotion

Songs about the emotions that we experience and the importance of being sensitive to them.

Song #1 Don’t You Cry Now” – A recording of a Fresh Toone performed on a radio show in the early 80s.

Song #2 “Just as Happy as I’ve Ever Been” – A joyous song about how great it feels to have a very fulfilling day.

Song #3 “It Never Hurts to Cry” – “Big boys” might say “it never helps to cry,” but if you never cry you’ll never really come to know your love.

Song #4 “Find Your Love” – “… be your love and give your love to you.”

Song #5 “Find Some Relief” – A song from the early 70s that speaks to the angst that young adults sometimes experience.

Song #6 “Just Make Me Laugh” – A song that evolved out of a comment by a friend. “People don’t want animations that make them think. They just want to laugh.”

Song #7 “No Use in Crying” – Crying has some essential contributions to make towards becoming healthier human beings.

Song #8 “Can’t Take Today Away from Me” – A happy song celebrating the joy that one feels when you can hear “the Song” and your love is revealed.

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