Music Show #71– 11/3/2017 – Telling Our Stories: Part 2

We all need to tell our stories. In the process of sharing them we can encourage others do so also and we can widen our human experience.

This month’s story: T.D.’s Debut on the World Stage “ – The maxim of today’s story: When we’re in touch with our self and the energy that drives our evolution surprising things can occur.

Song #1 “Oh, Malala” – “What a brave young woman Malala is. If we could be even half as courageous as her in the struggle for justice, this world would be a much better place.

Song #2 “Yacouba – The Village Fool” – This is an environmental song about how important it sometimes is to look at things differently so we can find new solutions. Yacouba Sawadogo did just that and he helped to hold back the desert from taking his farm and those of his neighbors.

Song #3 “The Kingmaker” –The story of a man who was a successful political hit man who later came to regret his actions.

Song #4 “Sweet Melinda” – A bouncy song about a superstar who came back down to earth with a rough landing after she realized that she’d has been living a lie.

Song #5 “Hey, Rider on that Ten Speed Bike” – A bike rider’s nightmare scenario.

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