Music Show #72 – 11/10/2017 – The Song is Love

Love songs that aren’t romantic love songs.

Song #1 The Song is Love” – And she reaches out to everyone.

Song #2 “The Big Love” – When we realize a love that is bigger than a romantic love or parental or child’s love we are closer to the BIG LOVE that pulsates through the universe.

Song #3 “No Big Words Here” – A soothing, peaceful song that invites a little peace into our lives.

Song #4 “It’s Your Love” – “Be kind tonight and lift the darkness with your light.”

Song #5 “If Your Love has Gone Astray” – If our lives have become an empty vases we need to rest our minds and let our hearts run free and she will show us things we really need.

Song #6 “Find Your Love” – Perhaps this search is what our lives here are all about.

Song #7 “Don’t You Lose Your Love” – Simply put “Don’t do it.”

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