Music Show #149 –5/3/2019 – Telling Our Stories – Part 20: “Ooh! That’s Gotta Hurt”

Another show in a series dedicated to encouraging us all to share our stories.

This month’s story: Ooh! That’s Gotta Hurt”– A frosty young boy observes the world around him as he stands stiffly in the middle of a crowd of bustling skaters.

Song #1 “Everyday” (Buddy Holiday)

Song #2 “Life’s an Adventure” – Oh, yes it is.

Song #3 “Tell Me Your Story” – A song about how we need to share our story so we can all learn and evolve from what we’ve experienced.

Song #4 “Take Me Home” – A request for some directions to take me back to my center, i.e. my true self.

Song #5 “Remember It All” “Remember when you were lost? Remember what brought you back?”


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