Music Show #148 –4/26/19 – Songs to Encourage Others

Encouraging songs.

Song #1 “I’ve Got a Song”– A simple song that stresses the necessity for each of us to sing our part in the great choir that rings out every day in the universe.

Song #2 “Do Justice to Yourself” – An upbeat song that reminds us all to do what’s best for ourselves by making good thoughtful and loving decisions in our lives. We need to become the prophets that we seek with less dependency on directors and preachers outside of our own sincere efforts to discover the love we want to become.

Song #3 “It’s All Inside of You” – The love we’re really looking for is within us, but it’s still a process to unveil it. We can be assured that in our search it become clearer and some peace will come to us, As a result it will be reflected in how we live our lives.

Song #4 “Here Comes the Sun” – (George Harrison)

Song #5 “Back to Our Heart” – From time to time we may go astray from our endeavors to better know our love, but if we listen carefully we’ll hear the gentle voice that beckons us to “come on home, back to our heart.”

Song #6 “Hold On” – Some days we may be just sailing along, but if those threatening clouds rise up and create rough seas that seem insurmountable let us try our best to “hold on for just a little longer.”

Song #7 “Sing Your Song” – Another song about how essential your contributions are to the evolution of the whole human experience.

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