Music Show #143 –3/22/19 – Songs of Life and Death

A collection of Fresh Toones that examine the subject of our own passing.

Song #1 “Before You Know It”– A song that reminds each us to appreciate the people in our lives, because “we’re gonna be here and gonna be gone before you know it.”

Song #2 “It’s the Best” – A song that celebrates our efforts when we are able to give our best.

Song #3 “Freight Train” – (Elizabeth Cotton)

Song #4 “Life It Does Surprise” – None of us can predict the surprises that will confront us in life, but we can try and be prepared so when they occur we have some sense of how we hope to react.

Song #5 “This Is It” – An upbeat song that gently reminds us to be aware of our everyday experience and to see the magic that exsist there. “This is it – so please don’t miss it.”

Song #6 “Just a Matter of Time” – A preparatory song for what life may well present us in the future.

Song #7 “I Shall Be Released” – (Bob Dylan)

Song #8 “One Last Song” – A songwriter’s hopeful song about one day writing an all encompassing final song.

Song #9 “On Death” – (spoken word by Richard Harris) Selection from the book “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran


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