Music Show #113 – 8/24/18 Re-uniting with Old Friends

Songs about meeting up with old friends and reminiscing about old times.

Song #1 “Time Goes By”– Celebrating the good friends that I have had over the years.

Song #2 “Remember It All” – An uplifting song that reminds us to take a moment every so often to sit back and remember it all.

Song #3 “If I Could Find Way” – A song about one of those days you wish could last forever.

Song #4 “We’re Not in High School Anymore” – A mid-life song that reminds us that we need to leave behind any behavior left over from our time in high school.

Song #5 “It’s a Treat to See the Sun in Rochester” – A sunny song about the joys shared with friends under the clouds in Rochester.

Song #6 “Thanks for Being Tom” – A music video in remembrance of a good guy, Tom “Totsy” Cook.  A song written for Tom, his family and all of the friends who loved him so much.

Song #7 “Raise Your Glass” – A toast to all the good friends that we have shared our life with.

Song #8 “We Won’t Be Here Forever” – A bouncy upbeat song about how we won’t be here forever and how that’s not really what it’s all about. To be able to live in this very moment would be the greatest gift that we could give to ourselves and to those around us.

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