Music Show #112 – 8/17/18 Rochester Free Radio’s Summer Fest

Songs to be played at the Rochester Free Radio’s benefit festival.

Song #1 “We Sing Out” (Pete Seeger) – A environmental song written for  kids.

Song #2 “Plant Those Seeds with Love” – A song that encourages us all to invest our love in the seeds (our life endeavors) that we plant each and every day of our lives.

Song #3 “Love Around the Corner” (unknown) – A hopeful song that reassures us that there’s love around the corner for each one of us.

Song #4 “Who You Are” – A fun, upbeat song that encourages all of us to realize that the song (i.e. life direction) that we write for ourselves and then sing will help our lives to be complete.

Song #5 “Puttin’ On the Style” – (Originally written in the early 1900s. Original author unknown. New words later by Norman Cazden and recorded by Lonnie Donegan) A song about the facades that some people create for themselves to fool others.

Song #6 “Gonna Sing It” – An upbeat, positive song that encourages us to sing with all our might.

 Song #7 “The Happy Re-Birthday Song” – A happy birthday wish for us to take a moment on our special day to reflect on our past year and then to re-empower our most positive energies for the new year.

Song #8 “You’ve Got a Song” – A simple song that stresses the necessity for each of us to sing our part in the great choir that rings out every day in the universe.

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