Music Show #108 – 7/20/2018 Summer Fun Toones

Fun Fresh Toones for a hot summer day.

Song #1 “Sittin’ Back Up in the Woods” (Dave Puls) – A summertime escapist song.

Song #2 “Everyday” – (Buddy Holly)

Song #3 “I’ve Dreamt about Livin’ on a Mountain” (Dave Puls) – A song that looks back to when we were in our 20s and how some of those dreams may seem kind of silly now. However, without those hopeful fantasies much of our energy and enthusiasm might well have been lost.

Song #4 “Mr. Spaceman” (Roger McQuinn)

Song #5 “The Happy Re-Birthday Song” (Dave Puls) – A happy birthday wishes song.

Song #6 “The Turtle Soup Trot” (Dave Puls) – A narrative song about a rainy bicycle trip and the dangers of crossing wet railroad tracks.

Song #7 “It’s Fun to Do the Impossible” (Dave Puls) – A bouncy song about how much fun telling our stories with animation can be.

Song #8 “Just as Happy as I’ve Ever Been” (Dave Puls) – An appreciative song for a particularly happy day.

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