Music Show #107 – 7/13/2018 Tribute to Pete Seeger

A show dedicated to Pete Seeger who influenced my guitar playing and songwriting.

Song #1 “We Sing Out” – (Pete Seeger) – An altruistic kid’s sing-a-long song.

Song #2 “You’ve Got a Song” – (Dave Puls) – An invitation to join the universe’s choir.

Song #3 “Hammer Song” – (Pete Seeger and Lee Hays)

Song #4 “The Man with the Banjo” – (Joe Dady) – A wonderful tribute to Pete Seeger.

Song #5 “One of These Days” – (Dave Puls) – A song inspired by Pete Seeger’s social activism.

Song #6 “Turn, Turn, Turn” – (Pete and Toshi Seeger ) A version written for children by Pete and his wife.

Song #7 “Not in this Dear Old Country of Ours” – (Dave Puls) – A stand up and resist the Trumpism that is trying to reverse much of the social progress that has been made in America.

Song #8 “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” – (Pete Seeger)

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