Music Show #90 – 3/16/2018 – Dark Force / Dark Money

A show that focuses on all of the Dark Money in our politics.

Song #1 “Dark Force” – There is a Dark Force battling for the soul of the United States. It’s the shadow of Trump’s negative energy that we must resist.

Song #2 “$hady Ca$h” – A bouncy upbeat sing-a-long chorus about the influence that dark money plays in our politics.

Song #3 “Greed” – A song that simply cautions us to be aware of the overpowering characteristics of greed.

Song #4 “Turn Down Your Gaslight Donny” – A great sing-a-long for those who are frustrated with Trump’s antics.

Song #5 “Show Us the Money” – We’ve got to demand to know the source of the money that runs these anonymous “Super PACs” or bribery machines that are destroying our “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Song #6 “Super PACs: How Dumb Do You Think We Are?” – The Super PAC sing-a-long song. The Supreme Court is jeopardizing our democracy and it is up to us as citizens to stand up and raise our voices.

Song #7 “That Joke’s Got to Go” – Among the many forms of political corruption, Super P.A.C.s and “Dark Money” are the primary culprits that need to be reigned in.

Song #8 “Not in this Dear Old Country of Ours” –  A stand up and RESIST song, in memory of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger.

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