Music Show #89 – 3/9/2018 – Tribute to Bob Dylan

A show in appreciation of Bob Dylan’s inspirational songs.

Song #1 “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You” – A live recording by the New Cotton Hollow Band.

Song #2 “Simple Twist of Fate” – As recorded with Terry Doell on lead guitar.

Song #3 “All Along the Watchtower” – A re-mix of an old recording of mine.

Song #4 “I Shall Be Released” – A passionate recording of a favorite song of mine.

Song #5 “Buckets of Rain” – A bouncy version of an old 70’s coffeehouse standard.

Song #6 “The Times They are A-Changing” – The Jimmy Fallon version.

Song #7 “We Threw It All Away” – Some new words of mine to the song “I Threw It All Away.”

Song #8 “Forever Young” –  A version of mine that I send out to friends on their birthdays.

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