Music Show #74 – 11/24/2017 – Dady Brothers from the 70s

Most of today’s songs by the Dady Brothers are from the 70s with the exception of “The Man with the Banjo” and “Mr. Tangerine Man.”

Song #1 Mind to Move” – (John Dady)

Song #2 “Hitchhiker’s Lament” – (John Dady)

Song #3 “Way Downtown” – (Traditional)

Song #4 “Elaine” – (John Dady)

Song #5 “Lonesome Ugly Me” – (John Dady, Michael Pavone and Jym Ellison)

Song #6 “Grandfather’s Clock” – (Traditional)

Song #7 “The Man with Banjo” – (John Dady)

Song #8 “Mr. Tangerine Man” – (Jack Jones, John and Carol Dady)

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