Music Show #73 – 11/17/2017 – Thanks Giving Songs

The Fresh Toones’ thank you songs.

Song #1 Thank You” – Words of appreciation for all the people who have been supportive in my life.

Song #2 “Thanks for Being Tom” – A song in remembrance of a good guy, Tom “Totsy” Cook.

Song #3 “Thanks to the Whistle-blowers” – A special appreciation for the efforts and risks assumed by those individuals best known as whistle-blowers.

Song #4 “Take Your Love to the Beach” – “And swim in the sea of your belief – that your love is what you want to be – sink or swim you’re still in the sea.”

Song #5 “Where Your Treasures Are” – Simply put: “What we value most will occupy our mind’s eye.

Song #6 “Summer Solstice” – “Take the hand of someone else – lift them up and kindly say ‘The sun is still shining behind those clouds – they’re only there ‘til you sing your song of love.’”

Song #7 “Take Me Home” – Sometimes if we feel lost we need to remind ourselves to get back in touch with our center – the place where our “home” truly lies.

Song #8 “Thanks to the Folks” – Dedicated to all the people who often took great risks to struggle for social justice.

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