Music Show #57 – 7/28/2017 – Tribute to the Beatles

Like so many others of my generation, the Beatles had perhaps the greatest influence on me to learn how to play guitar and later to write my own songs.

Song #1 Thirty Long Years and More – A Fresh Toone of mine that expresses my great indebtedness to groups like the Beatles that inspired me to begin writing songs.

Song #2 “Here Comes the Sun” – (George Harrison) An invigorating and upbeat song that always seems to brings a smile to my face.

Song #3 “Blackbird” – (Lennon & McCartney) There may be injurious things that happen to us in our lives and this song encourages us to take those damaged wings and to once again learn to fly.

Song #4 “Rain” – (Lennon & McCartney)  A gentle, swaying, dream inducing song.

Song #5 “Honey Pie” – (Lennon & McCartney)  A fun, upbeat song, from the Beatle’s “White Album.”

Song #6 “If You Believe” – (George Harrison) “If you believe… if you believe in you…everything is possible if you believe.”

Song #7 “I Still Believe It’s True” – (Fresh Toone) A hopeful song about restoring a love that seems to be have been forgotten.

Song #8 “Let It Be” – (Lennon & McCartney)  A softly strummed guitar supports a single voice on this emblematic song by the Beatles.

Song #9 “Here, There and Everywhere” – (Lennon & McCartney) If you were alive in the mid 60s this song might well bring to mind some memories or maybe not depending on how much you indulged. If you were around at that time or not, it’s still a beautiful song.

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