Music Show #56 – 7/21/2017 – Be Kind to Yourself / Choices

Songs that encourage us to be attentive to the choices in our lives and to be kind to ourselves in the process.

Song #1 Do With It as You Choose – We will have plenty of choices in life. We may not always feel like we’ve made the best choice, but that’s part of the growth process and hopefully any missteps will lead to better choices in the future.

Song #2 “The Choice is Always Your” – Throughout our lives love will continue to beckon us. Although we may not always understand the allure, it will continue to quietly reward our efforts.

Song #3 “Do You Know Where Your Love Is?” – A mellow song that asks this essential question.

Song #4 “Do Justice to Yourself” – A happy upbeat song that encourages us to do what’s best for ourselves by making thoughtful and loving decisions in our lives.

Song #5 “Rise Above” – Hopefully, by sharing our love we can rise above the fray that too often can consume our lives.

Song #6 “Just Do What You Can” – We don’t have to change the whole world. We just need to examine our lives, figure out what makes us feel fulfilled and then just do what we can do.

Song #7 “All You Can Do” – “All we can do is sing our song.” Our song is not only about whom we are but just as important, who we’d like to become.

Song #8 “Who We Are” –The song (i.e. life direction) that we write for ourselves and then try to live will help our lives be more complete.

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