Music Show #45 – 5/3 & 5/5/2017 – Suggestion Songs

Suggestions for myself first and then for anyone else who may relate to these songs.

Song #1 Don’t You Lose Love – “Save it just because it’s your life’s very breath. Without her you know what’s left.”

Song #2 “It Never Hurts to Cry” – Big bad boys say “It never helps to cry.” but if you can never shed a tear you’ll never know the greatest depths of your love.

Song #3 “What You Say” – The things we say and do will determine who we will become.

Song #4 If Your Love has Gone Astray” – On those days when our lives seem to have become like empty vases we need to rest our minds and let our hearts run free and then she will show us things we know we need.

Song #5 “I Want to See” – We need to strive to be the one we want to be and to seek the love we want to see.

Song #6 “Take Your Time” – A simple song encouraging us all to be steadfast and patient in our search for love.

Song #7 “Who Knows?” – A lot of questions to stimulate our growth towards knowing our love more clearly.

Song #8 “Find You, Be You” – It may take some time discovering who we want to be, but evolution doesn’t happen overnight.

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