Music Show #44 – 4/26 & 4/28/2017 –Story Songs – Part 2

Part two of my life story in song.

Song #1 Middle Class Blues – A song about a young middle class man who was frustrated when he couldn’t find his shoes. In the end he was forced to wear his hundred dollar boots instead. (Accompanied by John Vincent on harmonica.)

Song #2 “Sad Day at Wounded Knee” –  A flashback to the day when the massacre at Wounded Knee occurred.  It calls on us to find ways to redress some of the injustices inflicted on the Native Americans.

Song #3 “Life’s an Adventure” – A gentle reminder to all of us to try and give back what we can while experiencing this adventure.

Song #4 Hey, Rider on that Ten Speed Bike” – A ballad about a bike rider who encountered a near death experience while out enjoying a relaxing bike ride.

Song #5 “The Party Song” – A story about attending a party that I wished I hadn’t.

Song #6 “The King Maker” – A powerful Machiavellian political operative who discovered that his “smash mouth” political methods in the end left him feeling quite empty.

Song #7 “One Tin Soldier” – (by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter) An inspiring song in our efforts to find peaceful lives to lead.

Song #8 “I Love You (the Wedding Anniversary Song)” – I wrote this song for my Dad and Mom’s 60th wedding anniversary.

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