Music Show #39 – 3/22 & 3/24/2017 – Songs from a Fresh Toones Live Performance – 2nd set

These are some of the songs that I perform when I play out in the community. I’ll be playing out at Starry Nites Café on March 31st from 8-10 pm for a fund raiser for Rochester Free Radio.

Song #1 Come On and Sing Again – A song that encourages us in our efforts to pursue peaceful, fulfilling lives.

Song #2 “One Tin Soldier” – (by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter)  An inspiring song in our efforts to find peaceful lives to lead.

Song #3 “Who You Are” – A fun, upbeat song that encourages us to realize that the song that we write for ourselves and then sing with love for others can help us to live more complete lives.

Song #4 The Happy Re-Birthday Song” – A happy birthday wish for us to take a moment on our special day to reflect on our past year and then to re-empower our most positive energies for the new year ahead.

Song #5 “Going Down the Road Feeling Good” – (New verses to a Woody Guthrie song) New verses to a Woody Guthrie’s classic song “Going Down the Road (Feeling Bad.)”

Song #6 “One of These Days” – A song dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, Pete Seeger and the Civil Rights Movement.  This song keeps the beat going on as the struggle for fairness and justice continues.

Song #7 Time Changes Everything” – (by Tommy Duncan) An old song that was popularized by Merle Haggard.

Song #8 We Could Start Today” – A hopeful, happy, motivating song about how we can begin today to bring about some changes in ourselves and thus affect the change going on around us.

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