Music Show #38 – 3/15 & 3/17/2017 – Fresh Toones Live Performance – 1st set

These are some of the songs that I perform when I play out in the community. I’ll be playing out at Starry Nites Café on March 31st from 8-10 pm for a fund raiser for Rochester Free Radio.

Song #1 “Garden Song” – (by David Mallett) – A joyful song for your seed planting projects.

Song #2 “Plant Those Seeds with Love” – A song that encourages us all to invest our love in the seeds (our endeavors) that we plant each and every day of our lives.

Song #3 “Will Grow with Love” – The solution to many challenges sits quietly within us. If we are able to visualize what is possible then we might very well be able to one day spread our wings and obtain it.

Song #4 “There’s Love Around the Corner” – (Composer unknown) – When we’re feeling bad and we feel like there’s nothing we can do, this reassuring song reminds us that there’s love around the corner.

Song #5 “Oh Malala” – A thank you song to Malala Yousafzai for reminding us of the injustices that girls around the world have to encounter every day.

Song #6 “Thanks to the Folks” – A song written for an after-school kid’s animation program. The kids sang along for the soundtrack to an animated film that they made for the Children’s Film Festival.

Song #7 “If You Believe” – (George Harrison) – “Everything you thought is possible if you believe… All your love’s reflected back to you if you believe.”

Song #8 “Everybody Needs Something to Believe In” – This song is not about everybody needing to go out and pick a religion, but more importantly it’s about holding your beliefs up to the light and examining them. In the process we’ll gain a better understanding into who we want to be.

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